The “Austen”-Therapy

It must be the fourth time that I am rereading Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. And about the second time I watch the 1995 produced series starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.

But I always asks myself what it may be that always drags me to these novels. Why don’t I read a modern romance or just anything else? Would it not be easier for me to identify with someone who lives around the same era,  is as old as me, has the same problems etc? How can it be that I, most often deterred by historical novels and cheesy romances, are undeniable in love with Austen’s work and every hero/heroine she created?

Jane Austen’s novel are not only wonderfully romantic and never too cheesy  but also utterly realistic and written in the most loveliest language there is. Phrases such as “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” make my heart melt every freaking time I read it . (Well it can be that this phenomenon is due to me being not an English native speaker but still)

Her Heroines are all very different and they are each perfectly imperfect as they have great features and fortes but also faults.( Although their imperfections only make them more realistic, lovably and easy to identify with.) I admire Lizzy and Emma and Elinor and every other for how inspirational they are and I feel like I could learn so much from them and their life. Jane Austen gifted me friends and idols and well one of the most amazing lovestories there are.

And so it goes with the heroes –  I dare say that her creations can be counted as the most desirable men in the whole era of literature. Who does not dream of marrying a Mr. Darcy or being loved by Mr. George Knightley (who appears to be my soulmate due to the results  every of the billion quizzes I have taken.) Mr. Darcy is everything but perfect and yet I cannot help but love him.

Every time I feel in need of some love and romance (because being single does not satisfy me) I put either one of her books or one movie adaption and it is like therapy. When I start, I am always lonely and maybe a bit sad, but afterwards I am filled with this great feeling of joy and content. I started to call it “the Austen-Therapy”, something I can rely on that it will cheer me up no matter how down I am. It’s like a very precious gift that I found something, an anchor, that will be there for me and comfort and console me no matter what. That will always satisfy my desires for men. That makes me fall in love with hundreds of people but without the possibility that my heart could be broken.

Jane Austen is like a psychiatrist for me, who takes me into another world and makes me forget my problems. I am so grateful that she has written those amazing novels and I feel deeply sorry for all of those who do not experience her magic first hand.




Valentine’s Day

Roses, hearts, love poems, cheesy candle-light dinner, romantic dates……
And all these things because of a day? Because of Valentine’s Day?

Not with me. I cannot approve of this idea. It seems as if people would only honour their partners, lovers, crushes because a day tells them to do it. Like they would not do it otherwise. And often, they do not do it someday else. It is the specific date that makes them buy flowers, chocolate boxes. Makes them organise cheesy, romantic dates.

But it should not be like this. I do not want a lover who only worships me and our relationship one time a year. Because of a day. In a cheesy, dishonest way.

I want that someone shows me everyday that he appreciates me and our relationship. That he does not need a specific date to show me that our relationship is worth the appreciation. I do not expect flowers. No chocolate boxes. No grand gestures. All I want, all I desire is a small sign that I am worth someone’s love. Everyday.

I do not dislike Valentine’s day because I am single right now. Do not get this the wrong way. I do not like the concept which is behind Valentine’s day. It is nothing else than a good source to make money for lots of different enterprises.

Moreover do not think I am one of those who walk around disapproving couples who worship this day. Frankly, I do not care if anyone honours it. This is not my problem. Therefore this is not a reproof for those who like Valentine’s Day. What I am trying to say is that I just want to share my humble opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what do u think of Valentine’s Day? 🙂

Relive your favorite lovestory

I have currenlty read an interesting question on a blog about books. The editor asked her reader which lovestory they would want to live if they could.

At first I sat a while and thought about a prober one. A love story that I have read and which amazed me so much that I want it to be mine. But after some time I knew  my answer to this question. Frankly,  I would not want to live the love story of anyone else. And that is a statement as I am deeply in love with Damon Salvatore, Jean Valjean and the Doctor. Therefore I sure would improve a realtionship with anyone who is alike them. But I do not want to be Rose Tyler nor live the life of Elena Gilbert let alone work in the Napoleonic Paris.

Importantly, I realized I do not want to live the lovestory of anyone else. I want to write my own one, to create my own one, to live my own one.

There would be nothing special to relive one’s favorite lovestory. But falling in love in a way noone else before you did  and maybe living a lovestory in the most ordinary way there is, is a thousand times more special than reliving a lovestory that is not yours.

Honestly, I wish for nothing more than to meet someone with whom I can live my own, fantastic lovestory. No matter if it is going to last forever or not. I just want to love someone deeply, ultimately and forever. There is nothing more important to me than having my own special lovestory.

And believe me. Even though a lovestory may seems to be the most ordinary one, it is special in its own way and sometimes only the members of this wonder can see the wonder itself, if they look hard enough.

So do not try to  relive anyones lovestory as perfect as it may seems. Do not let some random author write the story of your love – Be the author of your own lovestory and I promise you will not forget the awesome things you will experience.

Maybe it will be your lovestory which will  inspirate other people.