The Simple Maths

There is this thing about maths. It’s logic and self-explaining as soon as you understand it. I mean, what the hell is not logic about a graph? See?! You just have to memorize the “recipe” for how to build a graph or you know.

But as soon as I have to write a test, regardless of whether it is just an improptu written assignement or a big exam, I can’t see the solution at all, now matter how easy it is to find it.

That is the most frustrating feeling you can get. And believe me, I get it a lot.

I just do not know what I can possibly do to provide it. If the source of my problem was a lack of paying attention in class or a default of doing my homework, I would know how to remove this issue. But the case is slight different. At home, in class there is seldom a big misunderstanding between math and me. I kind of like the feeling to get a task done. Makes me feel as if  I may be not that stupid after all.

So I do not know what is going on with my mind during a test. And what I can do about it.

Hmm maybe some extra exercise instead of trying to write ablog post in english

We’ll see 🙂 Bye



Happy New Year


There it is. The year of my 18th birthday. The year of my last trip with the school.


I did not made any New Year’s resolustions. Frankly, I think that is nuts. As if one evening will help me to focus on my goals. Nah.

Nevertheless I still want to do some things in this year:

First: Be nicer. Not that I am some sort of bullying evil bitch who makes harrasing other poor pupils her business. But still, I developed a strong sense of cynicism and I suppose not everyone can handle it. Alors less cynicism and more comliments ( sounds good right)

Second: Not be under the gun. School is the main source of pressure for folks my age. With the exams, interrogations, grades… all this puts so much pressure on pupils. Too much to bear. But I will not let school do that to me. So less pressure and more balance! (:

Third: I want to make memories. Like really good one. They do not have to be extraordinary things but at least something I could possibly tell my grandchildren. And of course that sort of events you can integrate in a wedding speech. I do not want to just exist. I want to have memorability. Alors less existing more living.

Fourth: Of course . As always. More reading, more playing the piano, more writing, more drawing. My parole: less unconcerndness more passion

This is just my first list of resolutions. There are certainly more to come. Obviously my live is not perfect, but who says I cannot make it at least wonderful for me? 🙂