Doctor Who or the always grinning guy :)

Hey there it is me again 🙂
(even if there is noone yet who I can greet)

Neeeewwws. I started Doctor Who (cuz a fabolous friend of mine lent me his netflix guest account! Praise the lord) and I love it. More precisely, I am deadly in love with The Doctor and Rose Tyler. Aren’t the guys cute? Duh. And, still stuck at episode 7, season one, I am deeply convinced that The Doctor is madly in love with Rose and that she must have feelings for him too, but they do not know it yet. I mean look how kind of “No-I-Am-Not-Jealous-But-Acting-Strange”-jealous The Doctor behaves when Adam is around… or how even the dalek knows that Rose is the woman The Doctor loves.

I think they would be so cute together, as I love both characters. The Doctor as well as Rose are so realistic. On the one hand The Doctor. He is so cute since he is smiling and grinning in nearly every situation and when he does he looks so adorable. Furthermore he is freaking funny, witty and clever, of course. And Rose, aww she is so sweet… Finally an actress who is wether size zero nor has the perfect style or tons of money and found her own style and beauty. Although she may had an awful education, she is clever, too. But principally she is kind, open-minded and sees the good in people ( look how she treats that poor dalek).

Isn’t that crazy, is it?! I have only watched six (and a quarter) episode and I am already a fangirl? Wishing that the two main characters would possibly come together…..

Let me know, if you may read this blog, if you love doctor who too.

Rose: She slapped you!
The Doctor: Nine hundred years of time and space, and I’ve never been slapped by someone’s mother.
Rose: Your face!
The Doctor: [defensively] It hurt!
Rose: You’re so gay!