Two glasses of red wine

Two glasses of red wine
On a billard table
Just the light of a small lamp
and a small candle

On a billard table
with flaring candle light
a  girl in a cozy blanket
forgets to be shy as usual

Some candle light
and sweet music
a boy in front of the girl
listening with a smile

Accompanied by music
spirited chit-chat
Feelings could’ve prompted
if it haven’t been wrong

Two glasses of red wine
a bit drunk girl
and a fantastic guy
her bf’s crush


Relive your favorite lovestory

I have currenlty read an interesting question on a blog about books. The editor asked her reader which lovestory they would want to live if they could.

At first I sat a while and thought about a prober one. A love story that I have read and which amazed me so much that I want it to be mine. But after some time I knew  my answer to this question. Frankly,  I would not want to live the love story of anyone else. And that is a statement as I am deeply in love with Damon Salvatore, Jean Valjean and the Doctor. Therefore I sure would improve a realtionship with anyone who is alike them. But I do not want to be Rose Tyler nor live the life of Elena Gilbert let alone work in the Napoleonic Paris.

Importantly, I realized I do not want to live the lovestory of anyone else. I want to write my own one, to create my own one, to live my own one.

There would be nothing special to relive one’s favorite lovestory. But falling in love in a way noone else before you did  and maybe living a lovestory in the most ordinary way there is, is a thousand times more special than reliving a lovestory that is not yours.

Honestly, I wish for nothing more than to meet someone with whom I can live my own, fantastic lovestory. No matter if it is going to last forever or not. I just want to love someone deeply, ultimately and forever. There is nothing more important to me than having my own special lovestory.

And believe me. Even though a lovestory may seems to be the most ordinary one, it is special in its own way and sometimes only the members of this wonder can see the wonder itself, if they look hard enough.

So do not try to  relive anyones lovestory as perfect as it may seems. Do not let some random author write the story of your love – Be the author of your own lovestory and I promise you will not forget the awesome things you will experience.

Maybe it will be your lovestory which will  inspirate other people.

Doctor Who or the always grinning guy :)

Hey there it is me again 🙂
(even if there is noone yet who I can greet)

Neeeewwws. I started Doctor Who (cuz a fabolous friend of mine lent me his netflix guest account! Praise the lord) and I love it. More precisely, I am deadly in love with The Doctor and Rose Tyler. Aren’t the guys cute? Duh. And, still stuck at episode 7, season one, I am deeply convinced that The Doctor is madly in love with Rose and that she must have feelings for him too, but they do not know it yet. I mean look how kind of “No-I-Am-Not-Jealous-But-Acting-Strange”-jealous The Doctor behaves when Adam is around… or how even the dalek knows that Rose is the woman The Doctor loves.

I think they would be so cute together, as I love both characters. The Doctor as well as Rose are so realistic. On the one hand The Doctor. He is so cute since he is smiling and grinning in nearly every situation and when he does he looks so adorable. Furthermore he is freaking funny, witty and clever, of course. And Rose, aww she is so sweet… Finally an actress who is wether size zero nor has the perfect style or tons of money and found her own style and beauty. Although she may had an awful education, she is clever, too. But principally she is kind, open-minded and sees the good in people ( look how she treats that poor dalek).

Isn’t that crazy, is it?! I have only watched six (and a quarter) episode and I am already a fangirl? Wishing that the two main characters would possibly come together…..

Let me know, if you may read this blog, if you love doctor who too.

Rose: She slapped you!
The Doctor: Nine hundred years of time and space, and I’ve never been slapped by someone’s mother.
Rose: Your face!
The Doctor: [defensively] It hurt!
Rose: You’re so gay!

The Simple Maths

There is this thing about maths. It’s logic and self-explaining as soon as you understand it. I mean, what the hell is not logic about a graph? See?! You just have to memorize the “recipe” for how to build a graph or you know.

But as soon as I have to write a test, regardless of whether it is just an improptu written assignement or a big exam, I can’t see the solution at all, now matter how easy it is to find it.

That is the most frustrating feeling you can get. And believe me, I get it a lot.

I just do not know what I can possibly do to provide it. If the source of my problem was a lack of paying attention in class or a default of doing my homework, I would know how to remove this issue. But the case is slight different. At home, in class there is seldom a big misunderstanding between math and me. I kind of like the feeling to get a task done. Makes me feel as if  I may be not that stupid after all.

So I do not know what is going on with my mind during a test. And what I can do about it.

Hmm maybe some extra exercise instead of trying to write ablog post in english

We’ll see 🙂 Bye


Happy New Year


There it is. The year of my 18th birthday. The year of my last trip with the school.


I did not made any New Year’s resolustions. Frankly, I think that is nuts. As if one evening will help me to focus on my goals. Nah.

Nevertheless I still want to do some things in this year:

First: Be nicer. Not that I am some sort of bullying evil bitch who makes harrasing other poor pupils her business. But still, I developed a strong sense of cynicism and I suppose not everyone can handle it. Alors less cynicism and more comliments ( sounds good right)

Second: Not be under the gun. School is the main source of pressure for folks my age. With the exams, interrogations, grades… all this puts so much pressure on pupils. Too much to bear. But I will not let school do that to me. So less pressure and more balance! (:

Third: I want to make memories. Like really good one. They do not have to be extraordinary things but at least something I could possibly tell my grandchildren. And of course that sort of events you can integrate in a wedding speech. I do not want to just exist. I want to have memorability. Alors less existing more living.

Fourth: Of course . As always. More reading, more playing the piano, more writing, more drawing. My parole: less unconcerndness more passion

This is just my first list of resolutions. There are certainly more to come. Obviously my live is not perfect, but who says I cannot make it at least wonderful for me? 🙂